New Release Announcement [ 2018-01-24 ]
We have new announcement starting the year 2018 with a lot of energy to push the boundary further by creating more sonorous classical guitars sound.
(1) the release of Luthier's Cuenca model for beginners is available now in gorgeous natural satin finish
(2) introducing the all new Luthier's Cordoba model is available now for more discerning players, more information :
Our business trip & guitar factory visit at Alhambra Muro del Alcoy factory in Spain [ 2016-06-10 ]
On 10th - 11th June 2016, Luthier Guitar Centre participated the Alhambra's International Dealer meeting which were held in Muro del Alcoy Alicante & Valencia Spain.
The Alhambra management have selectively invited 12 international dealers to test the guitar prototypes for 2017 new models, the latest trend in hand-made guitars innovation & the factory excellence in the world class brand perspective. The brand "Alhambra" was born in 1965, this year is the 51th anniversary of the company's history in hand made guitars making which enabling them to share in depth about the past, present & future hand-made guitars design, the cutting-edge process technology refinements to their important dealer partners. Please visit our outlets to get a brief latest updates about Alhambra brand ! Only at Orchard Plaza #03-11 & Bt. Timah Plaza #02-07 Singapore
Reissue our best seller MetalGear electric guitar packages [ 2016-01-27 ]
MTG C13-BLS-PAK Electric Guitar Package
Back by popular demands, the 6 items in 1 guitar package is ideal for beginners who want to jump-start into a new journey of learning electric guitar. Beside of price advantage (bundle package price is approx. 25% cheaper than the total of 6 itemize prices), the customer will enjoy the factory's best seller (popular items) items package commonly bought by beginner clients world-wide. Check this :
for more detail ...
ALHAMBRA share holders visited Luthier Guitar Centre on 6th - 7th Oct 2013 [ 2013-10-06 ]
On 6th & 7th Oct. 2013, we had 2 of Alhambra S.L Spain' share holders guest visited Bt. Timah Plaza #02-07, Orchard Plaza #03-11 guitars shops and meeting our customers. They are mr. Juan Sanchis and mr. Jorge Julia who were in their business trip here and their first time visited Singapore. During this visit, we launched the new 3 hand-made signature series guitars : (1) Jose Miguel Moreno Serie C with lattice bracing Spanish style  (2) Jose Maria Vilaplana Serie NT which is stand-for New Torres bracing with special proprietary inner layer top  (3) Mengual & Margarit Serie C with lattice bracing sound board signatures by both luthiers. Alhambra embraces into modern concert high end guitars, a unique Spanish interpretation combining the New Torres / Lattice Spanish hand made guitars. The 3 models guitar sounds are available for you to listen via SoundCloud, right here :
Pepe Toldo (Swiss luthier) at the Luthier Guitar, 150 Orchard Rd #03-11, Sgp [ 2013-04-02 ]
On 2nd April 2013, Pepe Toldo a Swiss Luthier visited Luthier Guitar Centre at Orchard Plaza 150 Orchard Rd #03-11 Sgp.
Pepe inspected every Alhambra Pepe Toldo guitars Series in our guitar shop, we exchanged thought on guitars making & conducting audition for several Alhambra guitars with the inventor & patent holder of 6 stripes Sound Ports for Alhambra's Pepe Toldo classic guitars.
His comments : " these special models of 5PA PT, 4P PT, 5P PT, 4PA PT, PT SR are absolutely meeting my expectation and I think I chose the right company Alhambra S.L to execute the standard I want to accomplish "
Luthier Guitar Centre team feel very honour & pleased with Pepe Toldo 2 days visit in Singapore and moving forward we (Luthier Guitar, Alhambra S.L & Pepe Toldo luthier) believe we are doing right for our clienteles to deliver increasingly better guitar design and setting the benchmark level higher in this guitars market.
Felipe Conde, Madrid - Spain [ 2012-12-21 ]
In my recent Spain trip in December 2012, I visited Mr. Felipe Conde' workshop and enjoyed our in depth discussion about classic & flamenco guitars with Felipe and Pedro during their busy daily activities. Pedro was finalizing his new classic guitar's top bracing while Felipe engaged into more in depth discussion while he was attentively hearing audition with me. In Felipe's hands, a few beautiful exotic woods became one of the best guitars in the world. I treasure the face to face moment which allow me to learn about his guitars and I think he is one of the best in the modern Spainish Guitar Constructor today.   
Meeting Jean Larrivee in March 2012 [ 2012-05-01 ]
On March 22th 2012, I visited Jean Larrivee & Joe and received first hand news and witnessed the new Lancaster double cut-away electric series (available in 12 colors) and the launching of the 45th Anniversary LV-10E Silver Woods Special Edition. During this meeting Luthier Guitar booked a few deluxe and special limited edition models which will be available in Singapore very soon. The Larrivee  guitars are available in much wider range of new series than before and continue gaining more attentions & market shares from around the world. You are welcome to witness and test drive the latest Larrivee series/ models in our showrooms. 
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