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MetalGear Electric Guitars Voyager Series MetalGear Electric MTG-D30 Flame Red Sun Burst
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MetalGear model : MTG-D30
Dual cutaway Flame Maple Top, with solid Mahogany body, Wilkinson 2H X 2 PickUps with Chrome caps, Wilkinson Tremolo Bridge, dove fretmarks. Ebony head machines to match the head stock style.
Wilkinson Hambucking pick-up system
  • WVCNN Neck (nickel)
  • WVCNB Bridge (nickel)
A true classic pickup, wound to the same specification as given to Trev Wilkinson by the creator of the humbucking pickup design, Seth Lover himself. This is an accurate a PAF-style pickup as is available today. The WVCN series offer ultra low noise factor while maintaining the hambucking typical warmth, punchy overtones
Wilkinson bridge tremolo system
The semi floating tremolo bridge system with satin finish add its flexibility without leaving the comfort of stable overall tuning & easier to restring the guitar.
Set Neck system
Set-neck is the equivalent of dove-tail neck - body joint system (similar term belong to acoustic neck hill) which guarantee more stability joint in the long-run as compare to the basic "bolt-on" body
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Model no MTG-D30 
Series Double Cutaway Flame maple top 2H series 
Color variant RSB, TRD, BSB, WSB 
Finish Glossy 
Body Double Cutaway with Flame Maple top 
I am a full time guitar trainer. When purchasing a new guitar, I merely focus on getting an electric guitar that fits into my teaching criteria, those are :
  • low noise output
  • expressive with ample of overtone for teaching
  • solid mahogany body with correct weight to ensure its resonance quality when the hambucking magnetic flux resonant against the body's cavity
  • it must has branded either UK or USA dual humbucking (neck, bridge) picks-up
  • within my limited budget range
I can't say more that those in my list are well represented into this model. here I am with my new MTG guitar !!
MetalGear Electric Guitars Voyager Series , MetalGear Electric MTG-D30 , Flame Red Sun Burst , RSB
MetalGear Electric MTG-D30
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