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Qwik Tuner & Chords-Diagram Guitar Tuner QT-11 Guitars Tuner with Pitch Generator Tuner & PitchGen
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QT-11, Guitar Tuner and Tone Generator in small packaging with large LCD display

Qwik's TUNE : QT-11 offers 2 in 1 features, the digital Tuner (with mic or with Jack-in) and digital Pitch-Tones Generator in a small & attractive silver casing.

The QT-11 is another products of the EVETS Corp., Camarillo, California - USA. It is a time tested, reliable two-in-one features much needed guitar tools in one neat, little & attractive package.

TUNER : you can fine tune any guitars : classic, acoustic, electric, bass guitars

PITCH PIPE : offers a simple way to manually tune your guitar, especially helpfull as a quick tuning references for several guitars ensemble, is a must tool for a guitar conductor.

IN-JACK : used to plug in your guitar output (if there is piezo pick-up) or

MICROPHONE : small & sensitive mic to pick up the sound from any guitar strings.

Luthier Guitar Centre is EVETS Corp. distributor in Singapore, we keep stocks of Qwik Tune & Qwik Guitar Professor
Model no QT-11 
Series Qwik TUNE 
Tuner type Digital Tuner 
Tuning pitches classic / acoustic / electric/ bass guitars
Color Silver
Battery types AAA x 2 
Other features large LCD display, easy to read & sensitive reading 
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 75 gram 
Est. Dimension (inches) 3.4 x 1.2 x 3.4 inches (incl. packaging) 
Dimension+Packing (cbm)  
  • One of time tested product, has benn in the market for many years
  • Reliable, easy to use
  • Two AAA battery is the simple & easy to buy battery, when you live in a remote small town / village, sometime it is difficult to buy Lithium Battery replacement in your neighbourhood, so the QT-11 which operate with AAA battery is your choice !
  • Sometime simplicity & practical to operate is the key selling point
Qwik Tuner & Chords-Diagram Guitar Tuner , QT-11 Guitars Tuner with Pitch Generator , Tuner & PitchGen , Silver
QT-11 Guitars Tuner with Pitch Generator
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