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Randall Guitar Amplifiers RG Anniversary Series RG-8040 Randall 40th Anniversary 40th Randall Anniv.
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RANDALL RG-8040, Randall RG-80 the 40th Randall Anniversary models
The new Randall RG-8040 is launched as part of the Randall’s 40th years of Anniversary model with one of a kind awesome design, it is the successor of the older model RG-75 which was discontinued since early 2011 and with ton of heavy weight features at compact combo size but ready for on-stage performers. It is the RG Series top of the line model, unlike typical Randall Jaguar 12” speaker, the RG-8040 comes with custom voiced “Diavlo” RD-121008 sound, 100W 8Ohms Speaker for a solid output = 75 watts, 2-channels (Clean & Overdrive) each with Gain & Master Volume. The Ch-1 provides real Clean (Gain zero) to Classic Rock tones (Gain position) or pull the Gain knob to get Bright mode (new feature). Then use the 3-Band-EQ to reshape Ch-2 Overdrive sound that you wanted. The 3-Band-EQ have typical Bass, Middle, Trebles, the Presence & spring Reverb knobs. There are 3 secret (new & unique features of RG8040) pull knobs available to the following modes,
  • 1. Bass knob pull for Bass-Boost mode, it is best at lower volume, may send too much low frequency sound to speaker at high volume position, so use it wisely, the features is yours
  • 2. Middle knob pull for Middle Scoop mode or remove the midrange for modern heavy metal tones, the option is yours. This is important features which typically available in high end amps.
  • 3. Presence knob pull for Double Secret Distortion-Fuzz works for both channels, you will treasure this secret pull off mode, the choice is yours to cook your tones
There are Effect Send & Return rear jacks to tap it’s pure pre-amp output to your desired external pedals / series of effects loop before feeding the sound back to it’s Power Amp module. A 1/8” stereo MP3 player, an important feature ¼” External Extension Speaker Jack (min. 8 Ohm, in-case you ought to perform on stage), XLR jack balance Line Output for LIVE gigs or Studio Recording & it’s Ground Lift Switch to suppress hum, ¼” Jack for Reverb footswitch (RFRG80, not included) and 1/” Jack for Channel and Boost footswitch (RF2T2C, not included) . With those heavy-weight features, RG-8040 is the right companion for advance player practice amp, on the stage & studio recording too. You will treasure the RG-8040 forever with years of great tone & enjoyable playing time.

Randall Distributor in Singapore

Luthier Guitar Centre is Randall Amplifiers and Washburn Guitars' distributor in Singapore. The RG-8040’s design is the state of the art Randall’s 40th Years of design excellence, it is a RG series top of the line (successor of RG-75) & ready for professional stage performance or studio recording purposes. The RG-8040 is the guitarist’s choice who enthusiast to have quality of daily practice and jam/perform in a Live gigs / Studio recording while not overspending on All-Tube combo amp budget. The sound of RG-8040 was carefully designed by Randall Technical team to meet guitarist’s wide music genre requirement. The Clean Ch delivers similar to the more costly All-Tube Amp clean channel’s rich & transparent tones and with a little add of Gain you get the right mix of classic British Rock sounds. The Overdrive with Middle tone may cover 80’s Heavy Rock music and with the secret pull off Middle Scoop then you are at the Heavy Metal tones. The RG-8040, beside of it’s superb wide coverage of sound tones across different music genre, it has the many expansion options & features ready to deploy on-stage or in-studio recording performance. We gave you whole range of options & the choice is yours. Please check RG-8040 & test drive it at your convenient at both outlets Orchard Plaza #03-11 (Sommerset MRT - 313 - Orchard Central - Orchard Plaza) and Bt. Timah Plaza #02-07 (opposite Ngee Ann Polytechnic campus). We recommend Washburn New Idol model : WIN-DLX-USDFBB (LesPaul body single cut body with original Seymour Duncan USA pickup) or Washburn WI-STD-USDB (Original Idol single cut shape with original USA Seymour Duncan pick up) or try it with Larrive RS-4 (Les Paul shape all made-in USA by Larrivee Guitars) to pair with these awesome Randall RG-8040 advance 2011 designed solid state amp. Please check & test drive this amp features and match with your electric guitar, effects & music requirements.

The Randall RG-8040 combo advance amp is one of our Breakthrough Advance Integrated Solid State amps and it is one of the 'RANDALL DOMINATION' product campaign 2011
RG-8040 is compact in size, 5" narrower in Width & 3" shorter in Height  than the obsoleted RG-75 (24"(W) X  20"(H) X  11.50"(D) inches) for typical 75W amps, with 12” Diavlo Speaker’s custom voice plus heavy weight on-stage & in-studio recording gigs features with below detail.
  • Ground-Lift switch for XLR Line-Out : Remove Ground from the circuit to eliminate excessive 60 Hz cycle of hum. It is useful for stage pro or studio recording performance
  • One External Speaker Jacks : the min. 8 Ohms external speakers extension jacks for bigger audience
  • XLR Balance Line Out Jack : connect the unit with an external devices
  • Effect Loop Send 1/4" jack output - enabling you to tap of it's pure pre-amp output for input to another Effects
  • Effect Loop Return 1/4" jack input – the output from an external effect toward this Jack input
  • Ch/Boost Footswitch Jack : Connect a footswitch (RF2T2C, optional) to select clean / overdrive channel and Boost On/Off Reverb Footswitch Jack : Connect a footswitch (RFRG80, optional) Spring Reverb On/Off position
  • Unique additional new features :
  1. o BASS boost mode : when you pull off the Bass knob of EQ
  2. o MIDDLE scoop mode : when you pull off the Mid knob of EQ to remove the mid tones
  3. o PRESENCE double secret distortion Fuzz : when you pull off the Presence knob
  • You will never stuck with RG-8040 as it will accommodate well to your future needs either as an advance home practice amp to on-stage / studio recording performance is within your reach without any limit.
  • Dimension : 18.5"W x17"H x 11"D inches (no carton/packing)
  • Weight :  20 Kg (no carton/packing)

RX-8040 is the most Advance, compact size State of the Art Solid State amps technology, delivers stunning high fidelity sound that nearly match the more expensive high end All Tubes Amps

At this price tag with these bunch of ‘custom Diavlo voice’ & heavy-weight features, it gives you a home run of your money !
Model no RG-8040, The Randall 40th Anniversary (new 2011) model 
Series RG Series, 75W (successor of the obsoleted RG-75) 
Preamp Channel 2 Channels : Clean & Overdrive
EQ Controls 3 band EQ : Treble/Mid/Bass + Presence + Spring Reverb knobs
Power Amp type Advanced Integrated Solid-State combo amp
Output Power 75Watt
Power Section  
Speaker diameter (inch) 12" CUSTOM VOICED DIAVLO SPEAKER 
Footswitch 2 Footswitch Jacks, Channels/Boost Fs Jack and Reverb Fs Jack 
Headphone Jack Yes, at front panel 
Other Features 3 secret knob pull off at Bass, Middle, Presence to reshape the tones that you want. Sent/Return Jacks for serial effects loop. Balance XLR output jack & XLR Ground Lift for suppress hum noise is useful for studio recording. The Diavlo's custom voice simply awesome and deliver the quality nearly like high end All Tube Amps.
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 23 Kg
Est. Dimension (inches) 18.5(W) x 17(H) x 11(D) inches 
Dimension+Packing (cbm) 22(W) x 21(H) x 15(D) inches
• The most advance, state of the art integrated 75W solid state amp
• Full pack of features for advance home practising amps to on-stage / studio recording gigs performance
• The unique Bass, Mid & Presence’ secret pull off knob features are awesome, one of a kind, we never see this before
• The Diavlo custom voiced 12" speaker sound is well rounded in tones, a high five marks !
Randall Guitar Amplifiers RG Anniversary Series , RG-8040 Randall 40th Anniversary , 40th Randall Anniv. , Black
RG-8040 Randall 40th Anniversary
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