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Oscar Schmidt USA Left Hand Acoustic cut away Guitar EQ OG2CE-LH Left-Hand Acoustic-electric Guitar Lefty Gloss Finish
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The (new) OG2CE-LH is a Left-Hand Dreadnought
(LH western acoustic guitar) Cut-away acoustic/electric with EQ (Oscar Schmidt MET-4 active pre-amp) guitar suitable for left-hand guitarist who want to comfortably practice guitar strumming & fingerstyle pluckings in their native left-hand situation. For left-hand guitarist, choosing this model means half-way of the battle is done as the guitar was carefully designed & built by the experience Oscar Schmidt factory' team  just for any left-hand persons.
STOCK : Limited Qty after Dec 2013 Great Sale ... Going to 2014, it will not last long with the same price again !

The (NEW) OG2CE-LH model are set at affordable price yet meeting the left-hand player’s expectation with enhanced active equalizer/pre-amp & very useful built-in tuner on-board. It uses the X-bracing select spruce top, catalpa woods for back & sides, chrome hardware, full white-pearl & multi linings rosette, cutaway body & active MET-4 EQualizer pre-amp (EQ) module.

Luthier Guitar team performed local set-up prior selling every single OG2CE-LH model. We understood that for left-hand persons, it is compulsory to ensure right fingers comfortably press the low action strings at nut' groove while ensuring the right string gauge for a balance descent sound & excellent workmanship. Since the guitar originally designed with left-side cut-away body, your gigs at higher frets will be easier for sure. 
The OG2CE-LH guitar is a suitable instrument to accompany you either in home or on stage performance.

Oscar Schmidt Musical Instruments

The Oscar Schmidt Company was founded in 1871 and incorporated in 1911. By the early 1900s, the company had five factories in Europe and a factory on Ferry Street in Jersey City. They made all kinds of stringed instruments, guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, zithers, and Autoharps®.
The company prospered through the early 1920s. Oscar Schmidt instruments were sold in many rural parts of the country where no music stores existed. Country guitar pickers and blues musicians living in areas of the South and in Appalachia, far from the city, frequently played Oscar Schmidt instruments because they were both inexpensive and available locally. But equally important, they were often chosen solely on merits of their superior tone and volume.
Today at Oscar Schmidt, select woods, quality hardware and modest prices create an ideal instrument. The guitars that are sold in Luthier Guitar’s shop outlets were inspected and set-up locally by Luthier Guitar Sgp team for our client’s pleasant experience when playing our guitars with precision low action and resonant sound quality.
Luthier Guitar Centre, Singapore
Luthier Guitar Centre at Orchard Plaza #03-11 and Bt. Timah Plaza #02-07 & with the on-line store at  are the authorize Oscar Schmidt guitars dealer. Buying Oscar Schmidt guitar s direct from us, buyers entitle to have the factory standard international warranty.  We locally pre-conditioned, inspected & performed local set-up for every guitars before ready for sale in our showrooms / on-line ordering. Rest assured you will get a new guitar at fresh & correct condition.

Check our on-line shop at for other accessories like guitar bag, cases, straps, spare strings, WA-20 the Washburn 20Watt pure Acoustic Amps & Planet Waves guitar cable to pair with your chosen guitar ! when ordering on-line, please ensure you selected the right size of any dreadnought guitar bag or hard-case.

For overseas shipping destination, a hard-case order is a must to protect the guitar during transit/in air-cargo.
For more information, call ph : +65 67330400, 64666835
Model no OG2CE-LH 
Series Deluxe Acoustic Left-Hand cut-away with EQ guitar 
Color variant Natural 
Top Solid Spruce top 
Back/side Catalpa wood 
Cutaway/Full body Cut-away LEFTY 
Finish HG (High Gloss)
Features built-in Tuner
Notch Filter
Under saddle Piezzo Electric PU
Seperated Battery Box
Output Jack 1/4 (for normal practice amp) and XLR (balanced output for recording/ direct to mixer)  jacks
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Pick-guard Red Tortoise (Oscar style)
Head machines Chrome 
Body binding White ABS bindings 
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight  (Kg) 2.3 Kg guitar only 
  • Best Seller LEFT HAND guitars, 5 stars rating - VALUE FOR MONEY
  • Original Strings : D'Addario EXP Light gauge which are fairly good, if you want to enhance this guitar sound, some customers had advised us to re-string it with CLEARTONE to get it to the top performance
  • The MET-4 active equalizer with built in tuner & bright display LCD produces high fidelity acoustic tones & relatively low noise for this price tag
  • SIMPLY  * * * * *    !!!
Oscar Schmidt USA Left Hand Acoustic cut away Guitar EQ , OG2CE-LH Left-Hand Acoustic-electric Guitar , Lefty Gloss Finish , Natural
OG2CE-LH Left-Hand Acoustic-electric Guitar
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