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ClearTone Strings (emp patented) Electric Bass Enhanced Molecular Protection (emp) Medium 45 - 105 Cleartone Bass strings MediumTension
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Model : Bass 4-strings set, Nickel Plated with EMP coating
Model no : 6445
Gauge : 45 (G) - 65 (D) - 85 (A) - 105 (E)  |  MEDIUM tension for 4 strings Bass Guitars
Features :
36% louder than other coated bass brand strings / projecting tones, rich of harmonics / no flakes / 3 – 5 longer / corrosion resistant  / Feel No Coating
Cleartone Bass Strings which is endorsed by Tommy Emanuel & Warwick Bass guitar factory may have a coating of only one micron, but it's more durable than coatings thousands of times its thickness. It won't flake off with hard playing, nor will it feel slick or slippery to your touch. Super-high tension winding over a hex-core is used to maintain tuning consistency throughout your performance. EMP Treatment is then applied to all the strings (including plain strings) to ensure longest tonal life without compromises.
Why use Cleartone coated guitar strings?
Cleartone Strings feature the patented and awarding winning Cleartone Coating. Designed primarily for coating sensitive electronics and hard drive platters (where tolerances for precision are extremely high), the Cleartone Coating repels moisture and resists corrosion without dampening tone or feeling slimy. At one micron thin, it's the thinnest coating in the industry and only available from Cleartone Strings. Enjoy the Sounds not the Coating !

So you hate coated strings? We know why.

Coated strings you've played in the past use tone killing layers of material. The coating gets in between the winds and inhibit vibration. Instead, Cleartones feature the thinnest coating in the industry. At one micron, they feel and sound like traditional strings but with the added benefit of 3-5X string life. In fact, Cleartones were tested to be up to 36% louder than the leading coated string brand according to an independent sound lab.
The Cleartone strings = Pure Tone No Compromises

See & hear yourself the Cleartone’ challenge at YouTube url below
Everly Music Company, Inc. at 7303 Atoll Ave North Hollywood, CA 91605 is the leading guitars and bass strings manufacturer out of USA. Everly Music Company is the brands owner of the registered trade-mark of Cleartone, RED, Everly Strings : B-52, Rockers, Acoustic Session, SEVILLA
Luthier Guitar Centre is the Cleartone ™, RED, Everly, & Sevilla strings distributor in Singapore, we stock-up the Cleartones strings in fresh condition in all times. The Cleartone strings have been endorsed as the factory’s standard strings of famous brands like the Larrivee guitars, Martin guitars, Warwick guitars, etc.
Why other Bass strings die earlier ?
If you are like most guitar players, you hate changing your strings. All you want to do is pick up your guitar and have it sound great and stay in tune every time. As you play, skin, oil and other contaminants get deposited in between the wraps of your strings. Those contaminants can cause the string to vibrate unevenly across the scale length of your guitar. We’ve all been there and thankfully, there are some great products out, most notably coated strings, that are designed to help your strings last longer so you don’t have to change them as often. The big problem is all coated strings sound dull and dead from the first day you put them on. The reason is their coating weighs down the strings and inhibits their ability to vibrate properly. Coated string manufacturers have tried to thin-out their coating but none of them are nearly as thin as our Cleartone Treatment.
Cleartone international distributors url :


Weight (kg) = 0.115
Width (inch) = 0.6
Height (inch) = 6.7
Length (inch) = 6.7
Model no 6445
Series Bass Micro Treated Series
String type Micro Treated Electric Bass String
Tension/diameters Medium 45-105 guitar
Other features No Feel Coating on your Bass Strings 
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 0.115
Est. Dimension (inches) 0.6 x 6.7 x 6.3
Dimension+Packing (cbm) 0.000396
  • Endorsed by Warwick Bass guitars manufacturer
  • The 1 micron EMP coating magnetically works well with any type of bass pick-ups as it doesn't dampen the magnetic waves flux or subdue the overall guitar tones
  • Play your bass guitar more and less often restring
ClearTone Strings (emp patented) Electric Bass Enhanced Molecular Protection (emp) , Medium 45 - 105 Cleartone Bass strings , MediumTension , 45-105
Medium 45 - 105 Cleartone Bass strings
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