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Savarez HT CLASSIC 540 Series 540ARJ HT Classic Alliance KT Mixed Tension HTClassicAlliance
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HT CLASSIC ALLIANCE KT 540ARJ (Mixed Tension in a set)
The Savarez 540 is the Series of all HT CLASSIC bass strings. A = Alliance KT (the new generation of Savarez’ carbon fibre trebles strings), RJ = red label trebles & blue label basses, in a mixed tension set. The 540ARJ = HT CLASSIC ALLIANCE KT Mixed tension set.
About HT CLASSIC basses
The Savarez’ researches into string’ higher rigidity level has led into the more rigid HT Classic bass strings.
The HT Classic strings were the first fruit of Savarez's new winding technology, and give a uniquely brighter and percussive sound with good resistance under fingers’ tips.
Under these characteristic, HT Classic basses have the below traits.
• Ideal response for speed
• Rich and bright timbre
• Big projection
• A more percussive sound
• Volume and power.
About Savarez Alliance KF (Karbon Fiber) or Carbon Fibre is a composite materials used as alternative to traditional nylon strings. Savarez is one of the pioneer in producing the applied Carbon Fibre for classic guitar treble strings. In contrast to traditional nylon string material, the carbon fibre produces super brilliant, bright, lasting life cycle and projecting trebles.
When do you choose the HT Classic Alliance KT 540ARJ ?

Choosing the right strings for your guitar can be challenging but the reward is worth of the troubles once you get what you wanted to achieve.
Here is our simple guidance. You start identifying your guitar's sound output character. An overly dull & shallow sounding guitar in both basses and trebles are not desired output for every guitarist. In this case, it is an option to select HT Classic Alliance KF trebles to boost the guitar's higher frequency harmonics, lively attack basses & overall sustain. While trying to enhance the shallow & crappy low basses into a more responsive, louder & more responsive / attack of the low bass notes while not overly make stiffer in the 3 trebles strings (the trebles will stay flexible).
Who is Savarez strings ?

Savarez is a strings company based in France who focused their continuing research, innovation & fabrication of fine strings quality for classic, acoustic and classical ensemble guitars. In the 70s, Savarez launched the Traditional Nylon sets of 520 Series which at that time was the only rectified nylon trebles that comes with traditional silver wounded basses. The 520R & 520J remains available until present time, most of legendary classical guitarist loved the unique trebles sound of 520. Along the decades later, Savarez launched the Alliance KF made of carbon fibre that delivers alternative brilliant trebles and revolutionized the nylon strings market, then the New Cristal trebles with crystal clear nylon materials. At the bass strings, Savarez Corum, HT Classic & Cantiga basses are available as tonal characteristic wide options which give unlimited alternative to the classic guitarist.
Luthier Guitar Centre is the Singapore authorized dealer of Savarez. We are the expert with solid know how to help you to find the perfect pairing between different classical guitar strings character with your guitar's character. We are not only distributing & selling but we are the truly classical guitarist who love & use this special strings for our usage everyday. Some of Luthier Guitars product are selectively re-stringed with the Savarez set depending on it's model & no. Look for strings ? ask the expert, here we are.
Model no 540 ARJ
Series HT Classic Alliance KF mixed tension
String type
Basses :  Savarez HT Classic
Trebles : Savarez Alliance KF, carbon fibre
Tension/diameters Mixed Tensions in set,  high tension basses & normal tensions trebles
Other features Unique pair of percussive & attack basses with brilliant trebles tones like never before 
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 0.025
Est. Dimension (inches) 0.25 x 4.3 x 4.3
Dimension+Packing (cbm) 0.0000722
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Savarez HT CLASSIC 540 Series , 540ARJ HT Classic Alliance KT Mixed Tension , HTClassicAlliance , 540ARJ
540ARJ HT Classic Alliance KT Mixed Tension
SGD 25.00
Tension Code
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