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D'Addario UKULELE DAddario EJ87T Ukulele Tenor Titanium String set TitaniumGrey
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D'Addario EJ87T Normal Tension is the D’Addario’s Ukulele Titanium strings series for Tenor Ukulele size.
EJ87T is D'Addario's best selling & the latest Titanium Uke Tenor strings set, preferred for its balance of rich, projecting tone, tuning stability, longer life-cycle and comfortable feel.
The D’Addario’ Technology :
D'Addario Titanium Ukulele strings are crafted from a dense monofilament material that has an attractive, translucent purple hue and a polished, smooth feel similar to nylon. This unique material is particularly beneficial to Ukulele’s due to its slightly brighter tone and increased projection, resulting in more volume, clarity and dynamics.
Additionally, each string is laser sorted for unsurpassed intonation consistency.

D'Addario EJ87T sets are designed for use with tenor ukuleles utilizing our bright sounding titanium material. This set is optimized for standard GCEA tuning.
The key Features :
• Optimized for Tenor Ukuleles tuned to standard GCEA tuning
Titanium monofilament material for brightness and projection
• Preferred for their modern, projecting tone
• String Gauges: Titanium .029, .033, .041, .029
Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance
Luthier Guitar Centre is Singapore distributor of D'Addario and Planet Wave brands. We continuously bring these products here & ensure the freshness when it is handed over to our clienteles. We sold these products on-line by post, via our retail outlets and via our dealers. The D'Addario is probably the world-wide market leader in term of total music instruments’ strings revenue which are endorsed by many guitars, ukuleles & other strings instruments’ factories, guitar teachers, young artist & professional guitarist around the world. Luthier Guitar welcome if you are considering to be our dealer, please send your request for information to
About D’Addario history & their achievements
In 1918, Charles D’Addario begun manufacturing his strings in a tiny garage shop behind the family home on 14th Street in Astoria, Queens, New-York USA.
In 1947, when Dupont™ shipped a sample to the D’Addario shop, Charles and John, Sr. immediately began working with it and found the diameter of the early nylon was perfect for treble harp strings which a few years later became the standard materials for the nylon classical guitar strings. In 1956, with his father’s blessing, John, Sr. entered into a partnership to produce steel strings and electric strings for the guitar and bass. In 1984, the company relocated to a larger facility to handle the increased demand for their products with 150 employees. The largest expansion was in 1994, when the company relocated to a new 110,000 – sq. foot facility in Farmingdale. Today D’Addario & Company, Inc. occupies a total of 190,000 – sq. feet at its Farmingdale headquarters, an additional 51,000 – sq. feet at the Rico manufacturing facility in California, and employs more than 900 people, each one of them making an invaluable contribution to what has always been a family business. The research and development arm of D’Addario is one of its strongest assets. Headed by James, the engineering department has accumulated many important manufacturing and product patents in the field. At present time, the company have many successful other brands such as their newest product line additions, such as Evans Drumheads (1995), the Planet Waves (1998), HQ Practice Products, drum silencing and silent practice products (2004) and Rico Reeds (2004).
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Model no EJ87T 
Series D'Addario Ukulele Tenor strings series  
String type TITANIUM   
Tension/diameters Normal Tension
Other features Bright, Modern & Projecting for increase volume 
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
Est. Dimension (inches)  
Dimension+Packing (cbm)  
  • Restring your old Tenor Ukulele with this strings set will tremendously improve it's volume, clarity & projection
D'Addario UKULELE , DAddario EJ87T Ukulele Tenor Titanium String set , TitaniumGrey , Clear
DAddario EJ87T Ukulele Tenor Titanium String set
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