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Black Bird Carbon Fiber Composite Acoustic Super OM Black Bird with Fishman Matrix Infinity CarbonFiber
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Material : Carbon Fiber (aerospace technology)
Pick-up : MiSi pre-amp rechargeable, Fishman Pick Up (vol & tone controller behind the sound hole)
Color : Black

The Black Bird carbon fiber acoustic guitar, super OM with Fishman Matrix Infinity pick-up, rechargeable MiSi preamp, full hand-crafted in San Fransisco, USA
We thank you the previous big support from our clientele. 
Hear the sound of BB Super OM : USA national anthem with Super OM solo (simplified version)
Here are a few owner's testimonial about BB Super OM
  • Onwer bought on 12 April 2013 at 1PM. The buyer is an Emerald CF guitar owner, he commented "Black-bird Super OM has warmer tones, good for strumming & closer to traditional woody guitars at amazingly at much louder output "
  • Owner bought on Sep 2013. The buyer owned a hand-made boutique Australian acoustic guitar. Unluckily 3 months after direct shipping arrival in Singapore, his guitar's ebony bridge glue start partially collapsing, very high action & trebles quality diminishing while overall volume was weaker over time. He was unhappy after knowing that repair cost & re-exporting back return trip via air freight may cost him about $1k. He decided to sell the guitar at lost and bought a BlackBird SuperOM. Quoting from the owner : "with BB Super OM, I never feel nervous anymore dealing with humidity which cause melting glue problems and wood expansion / contraction condition. I am focusing more to strum with my carbon composite guitar, enjoy literally double volume & like very much the brilliant tones that Super OM can offer". His SuperOM is a custom neck OM with slightly wider neck width at 1 14/16 inches measurement. A happy & proud owner of Super OM who can enjoy more singing & practising his guitar skills every where & every time rather than bothering about how to maintain a wooden guitar correctly in wet climate of Singapore. BB Super OM delivers and allow you to live at your fullest activity without having any problems dealing with guitar's maintenance.
  • Owner who bought on 13 Nov 2013 : ... " it is so loud with super projection in a relatively small OM body and I don't need to worry for the maintenance for my daily outdoor usage, I love it ! "
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Are you facing either high humidity or extreme low humidity problems in your hometown ? ... afraid no more to the extreme weather that may damage your solid woods guitar, all you need to do is to play guitar more and stop worrying on how to take care your guitars
The New Era beyond the traditional wooden guitars
We appreciate powerful, big guitars like dreadnoughts but they are cumbersome. The Blackbird Super Orchestra Model has a cannon voice with dreadnought volume and fullness but is compact and 3D sculpted with body cuts for enhanced comfort and playability. The tone goes above and beyond convention with uncommon sustain, perfect clarity and string balance the length of the fretboard. The OM’s power and clarity is born from Blackbird’s holistic approach to maximizing resonance: a proprietary hollow neck and head carbon-fiber uni-body construction, asymmetric design with off-set sound hole, as well as a head and body sound port. It’s also among the lightest guitars in the world which further helps produce a tone that evokes a custom wooden instrument, but this acoustic is nearly indestructible and impervious
The Key Features :
  • Carbon Fiber strength and environmental stability
  • 3.5 lbs. among the world’s lightest guitars
  • Resonance-driving hollow neck and head with sound port
  • Offset soundhole for increased volume and bass
  • Nut to Sadle : 25.5" scale length
  • Asymmetric design for enhanced tone in a compact body
  • Fishman Matrix Infinity
Who is Black Bird guitars ?
Black Bird guitars is a hand-made carbon fiber guitars workshop which is based in San Fransisco, USA. The small team of BB guitars are mixture of the most innovative carbon fiber engineers and the guitar designers / luthier whom dedicate their research & development for making un-conventional carbon fiber guitars. The carbon fiber material is a light and durable composite material. By manipulating it's character, structure, resonance shapes & thickness of this material, it is possible to recreate a woody tones and bigger sound output in a relatively smaller guitar sizes. BB guitars is the only carbon fiber guitars that deliver like timber sound. The patented hollow neck with the third head-stock sound hole, it enlarges the total body volume and drives more acoustic sound output
Luthier Guitar Centre is the Black Bird guitars exclusive distributor.
We are the official importer of BB Guitars USA. We understand the typical high humidity problem facing by many clients in Singapore / tropical islands. Residential areas like appartments / houses facing to the coastal area (in Singapore, residential areas facing to East Coast sea, residentials next to Mac Ritchie reservoir / Botanical Garden) are nearly impossible to bring down the room' humidity below 65%. In this case, you may want to select BB Guitars which delivers natural woody sound that completely safe in such situation.
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Model no SUPER OM
Series Full Size Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitars 
Color variant BLACK 
Cutaway/Full body CUTAWAY WITH 2nd. SOUND PORT 
Finish HG (High Gloss)
Brand FISHMAN  PU & MiSi rechargeable preamp
Under saddle Piezzo Electric
(with rechargeable adapter)
Output Jack 1/4 "  Jack
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
NECK WIDTH AT NUT = 44.5mm (1 3/4 inch)
(also available custom request width = 1 13/16 inches = 46mm with $100 up-charge) 
Pick-guard None
Head machines GOTOH 
Body binding NONE 
Nut & Saddle GRAPHTECH
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 3.5 Kg guitar only 
  • BB Guitars Super OM received many good remarks
  • An owner of Gibson J-200 commented : SuperOM may have up to 50 - 70 % more sound output & twice sustain than his seasoned Jumbo acoustic guitar
  • I play more and this guitar delivers more beyond of my imagination, a breakthrough that never before accomplished by any brands
  • "astonishing & incredibly right and huge sounding guitar, it is simply my type of performing music"
Black Bird Carbon Fiber Composite Acoustic , Super OM Black Bird with Fishman Matrix Infinity , CarbonFiber , Black
Super OM Black Bird with Fishman Matrix Infinity
SGD 3,188.00
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