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Vintage British Guitars Paul Brett Signature Series Vintage VE8000PB Parlor Rosewood Fishman Matrix SatinSheen
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Model : VE8000PB
Vintage Paul Brett 6-String Signature series with a FREE ZERO GRAVITY HARD-CASE
Paul Brett (Guitarist/Composer/Producer/Journalist/Vintage Guitars for sale/Video Maker/12 string/blues/jazz/folk/Guitar Museum owner)
Paul is the world's foremost 12-string guitarists and a respected authority on the history of the instrument, Paul Brett has worked together with Vintage to create these twin signature models. Available in 6 and 12-string versions, the guitars feature solid spruce tops, rosewood backs and sides, mahogany necks and rosewood fingerboards. Both come fitted with Fishman Matrix pre-amps and under-saddle pickups, as well as being supplied with deluxe padded bags. SEE
THE VIDEO OF PAUL BRETT PLAYING VINTAGE VE8000PBThe specs are a culmination of Paul's expertise in vintage guitars, and his signature models are intended to sound like those classic instruments of the 1920s and 1930s. Ideal for blues, jazz, folk, finger-style, rock, or almost any other style you care to throw at them, they play and feel authentic and modern, with a huge and exuberant, classic tone. “I had the privilege of being involved in the design process for these guitars. I wanted to recreate the sound of an early 12-string that so many guitarists seek for blues playing. Now I've got the finished product, I'm amazed that you can replicate most 6-string styles on the 12-string with ease, which has to be a bonus and... the sound is like a cannon!”
– Paul Brett
“A worthy addition to any collection...Superb playability, and great for blues and fingerpicking styles.” Russell Welton
– Guitarist magazine VE8000PB
“A very persuasive picker, with good clarity and definition across the strings and a nice front-end snap in the lows when picked hard.” Jerry Uwins
– Guitar & Bass magazine VE8000PB
“This guitar wins your trust quickly and punches well above its weight & size” Sound quality :
“after playing this guitar I naturally went to unplug it before I remembered it wasn’t plugged in – it is that loud and detailed with it. It’s also a peasant volume, not brash or angular. There are also overtones you can sit back and enjoy. As you play over the end of the fingerboard it releases a warm and rounded breathy tone replete with crystalline details. Note separation is also very apparent when playing arpeggios and well maintained when you start to strum but slightly lesser so as is natural. When plugged in more of this is restored. The dynamics of the guitar are also musically practical without suffering from an under developed tonal hardness. The tones from the bridge produce a complimentary contrast to the mid tones. The guitar exudes the fact that it has been built from the ‘ground’ up to deliver a complete and professional instrument. This guitar wins your trust quickly and keeps on delivering punching well above its weight & size”; therefore it deserves to get.
  • 5 stars rating in Sound Quality,
  • 4.5 stars rating for Build Quality &
  • 4.5 stars rating for Value for Money.
- Acoustic Magazine (page 56, June 2012)
Specification :
  • Top: Solid Spruce
  • Back: Rosewood
  • Sides: Rosewood
  • Binding: Maple/Wood Purfling
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Rosewood
  • Nut: Graphtec TUSQ
  • Saddle: Graphtec TUSQ
  • Scale: 649mm/25.55”
  • Tuners: Gold
  • Preamp: Fishman Acoustic Matrix VT (USA Made) with Volume and Tone Control
  • Pickup: Fishman MAT (USA Made)
  • Carry Case: Vintage Zero-Gravity Case
Fishman’s classic Acoustic Matrix Natural preamp with the added benefit of ergonomic soundhole-mounted Volume and Tone rotary controls. Features the same tried-and-true, flagship Acoustic Matrix pickup found in all of our other premium systems. It is a non invasive amplification system that preserves your guitar's body without sacrificing the natural acoustic amplification hi-quality
“A gift of a guitar for songwriters on the go and anyone who ever wished that those pre-war guitars had more playable neck profiles... A pro-sounding and playing guitar with heritage features that are suitable for home, gigging and the studio”.
"I have one of the Vintage VE8000PB Paul Brett parlour guitars and am really loving it. To be honest I got it to have with me when I'm travelling – to practice in hotels but it has such a lovely sound that I've ended up using it exclusively for the acoustic parts on my new album – A great little guitar!"
– John Verity (guitarist)
Luthier Guitar Centre is Singapore international distributor of Vintage Acoustic Guitars. JHS Co. Ltd UK is the Vintage brand owner, JHS Co. Ltd UK appointed Luthier Guitar Centre as their authorized dealer in Singapore
Model no VE8000PB
Color variant SATIN SHEEN
Back/side ROSEWOOD
Cutaway/Full body FULL
Brand FISHMAN ACOUSTIC MATRIX VT (sound hole PREAMP & PICK UP SYSTEM), no side cut to the body
Features Volume
Under saddle Piezzo Electric PU
Output Jack 1/4 JACK
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Pick-guard None
Head machines GOLD
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
Two leading guitars magazine, the Acoustic & Guitar and Bass had awarded the relatively new model VE8000PB for top 5 Stars & 4.5 Stars rating in 2012 were strong evident of strong support from leading guitar's reviewers that put the Vintage Paul Brett signature model in par to other top USA guitar brands
Vintage British Guitars Paul Brett Signature Series , Vintage VE8000PB Parlor Rosewood Fishman Matrix , SatinSheen , Natural
Vintage VE8000PB Parlor Rosewood Fishman Matrix
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