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Alhambra (Spain) Guitars Serie S S6 new bracing concept Glossy
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“The Serie S”
Model : 6 (in short S6)

In response to more demanding guitarist, the Alhambra S.L Spain recently launched the all new Serie S in just 2 years after the Pepe Toldo’s Sound Reflector Series (PT Series) launching year in 2012.
While the Sound Reflector series have been constantly in high demand since the launching date and prove to deliver more resonance harmonics, volume & overall balance tones and the Serie S was designed under completely new concept than the traditional models foundation.
Hear the sample sound of the all new S6, right here : you may copy the below url link into your browser. (The Soundcloud)
Vals no: 3, Agustin Barrios Mangore, played with S6, recorded at LuthierGuitarCentre Singapore
See & hear the S6 review by Luthier Guitar Centre :

Serie S, model 6 is the top model among Serie S (in short, the S6)
Is the Serie S uses the traditional Torres' fan braces ? here is our short review.
The S6 uses entirely new bracing style, using 2 horizontal tone bars underneath the bridge & lower part of sound-hole and does not re-use the Torres’ fans bracing method at all. The 2 horizontal tone bars’ timber are 3 layers of wood materials which were stacked in different cross grains direction as you can see from the picture. As per today write-up date, we think the placement, shapes, its distance between the two bars, the body shapes, body thickness are responsible for the guitar’s capability in resonating each & every single tones. The quality of Alhambra cavity resonance (the body) as usual, it is the best of the industry today. Since there are only 2 horizontal bars with no braces allowing the S6 has the very light weight top, thus superb resonance & longer sustain.
The strength of the bridge which is sit on top’s belly were enforced with the present of the lower horizontal bar situated right below the bridge. As such, our prediction the S6 structure maybe the best choice to withstand the tropical climate’s higher humidity which is the usual cause of guitar top’s belly pop-up.
Since this is a completely new series, only the time will prove our hypothesis at this juncture.

S6 materials / features :
  • Top : solid cedar
  • Back/side : Indian Rosewood
  • Fretboard : Ebony
  • Body binding : Top with double green linings, Rosewood binding
  • Body thickness : 10.5 CM
  • Upper bout : 29 CM
  • Lower bout : 38 CM
  • Sound hole diameter : 8.8 CM

S6 sound traits : superior trebles vibes and sustain as it delivers deeper & more accurate mid to high frequency resonance quality allowing the players to choose its tones colouring style (wider head-room to manoeuvre its plucking style for tones colouring). The lower bass are punchy with some sort of percussive resonance quality that is differ from it’s traditional Alhambra’s deep thunderous low harmonics resonance. Among the 3 models of Serie S, the S6 has the thickest body, measuring thickness = 10.5CM, making the S6 has the deeper resonance quality than the 2 lower models.
We test drive the S6 with "Capricho Arabe" by F. Tarrega song and the guitar is capable to deliver the intricacies of Andalucian melody.
CAPRICHO ARABE (Serenata) by Francisco Tarrega
The Serie S' playability
You may not notice it until you play some difficult pieces. At a glance, the Serie S guitar's fretboard have the same width compare to the traditional models. Neck at nut width = 52 CM, the neck's circle (perimeter measurement) at nut is also = the traditional models. However, the Serie S all models have slimmer neck's circle measurement at 7th Fret position. It has - 3 mm shorter neck's circle measurement than the traditional models. Signalling Alhambra design all Serie S models with slimmer (thinner) neck moving toward the higher frets position as compare to the traditional neck shape. You may want to try to play some songs which require many bar chords holding positions, you will feel less tiring with this models. And this feature is a killer feature to those born with shorter fingers size. A very compelling offer for some buyers indeed.

In overall positioning, the Alhambra is introducing a new kind of modern guitar as an alternative to their famous traditional series and the “always sold-out” Pepe Toldo Sound Reflector series.
You may want to visit our show-rooms now to find-out which one is the best fit with your taste.

Who is Alhambra ?
Manufacturas Alhambra was founded in 1965 from an original small guitar workshop located in the town. From the very beginning it was always our policy to combine the highest standard of craftsmanship with the latest advancements in technology to produce the finest quality instruments.
We have given special priority to our research department where all ideas and projects are developed. Manned by highly qualified staff, it has enabled us to produce the top models for our range which today is considered second to none. Finally, with the coordination of our production director and our specialized craftsman, The results of these investigations are applied to our basic guitars.
Although modern technology is an important part of our production technique, all our instruments are built in the traditional spanish way
The reward for our endeavour is the acknowledgement that Alhambra guitars enjoy worldwide reputation of outstanding guitars quality
Before purchase please read the Alhambra Warranty term & condition (click below) :

Luthier Guitar is Alhambra distributor in Singapore
Our goals is to present every single Alhambra guitars in fresh condition when you purchase it from our guitar shops. We paid express air forwarder, store it at correct temperature & humidity while settling down with the local climate perfectly. When buying a correct Spain Classic guitars, price is not the only consideration, you shall equally curious to know if the guitar you are about to purchase are in 'fresh & at peak condition' at your hand. Selectively we restring the guitars stock when we see it deems necessary. Alhambra use D'Addario classic nylon strings as the standard, at certain music types you can experience different tonal characteristic by altering the strings with different materials, such as carbon fiber clear strings, titanium, carbon composite, etc ... which are available in different brands in our both outlets like Sevilla, Savarez, Hannabach brands
Model no S 6
Series SERIE S
Cutaway/Full body FULL
Finish HG (High Gloss)
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Tap Plate/Golpador None
Head machines The " A " Alhambra No.2 gold chrome head machines
Body binding Double green linings on top, Rosewood bindings, multi yellow linings back / sides
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
  • a well designed new series that delivers high quality strong character, deep resonating high trebles with superior vibes and sustain
  • players with shorter fingers shall consider any models within the Serie S, you will find the neck slimmer shape as a great help to assist you expel faster in your learning progress !
  • the Alhambra team is entering into a new uncharted market which we never thought they would be in before .... and here it is available at Luthier Guitar Centre
Alhambra (Spain) Guitars Serie S , S6 new bracing concept , Glossy , Natural
S6 new bracing concept
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