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Planet Waves Tuner/Metronome/Chords Clip-On digital tuner PW-CT-10, Planet Waves Headstock Tuner Light Clip-on Tuner
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PW-CT-10, Planet Waves Headstock Tuner

Planet Waves Chromatic Headstock Tuner precisely tunes guitars, basses and many other stringed instruments utilizing the instrument's vibrations rather than sound - no direct sound or electronic signal is required. Using an optimally positioned, highly sensitive piezo transducer and backlit LCD display, the Headstock Tuner allows you to tune quickly and accurately in noisy or dimly-lit environments where many tuners fail. The compact, lightweight design doesn't add cumbersome mass to your instrument and delivers clear viewing from any angle. Simply clip on and tune up!
Model no PW-CT-10 
Series Planet Waves Headstock digital Tuner 
Tuner type Clip On 
Tuning pitches Chromatic HeadStock tuner, allow you to tune any music instruments
Color Black plastic body. Display using bright backlit LED, color ORANGE (out of tune) and GREEN (in tune). Easy to use
Battery types CR-2032 
Other features Built in very sensitive Piezo transducer picks up instrument's vibration rather than sound, so you can easily  tune your instrument in very noisy environment 
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 50 gr (incl packaging) 
Est. Dimension (inches) 3.25" x 3" x 1.25" incl. packaging or without packaging : 1" x 2.6" x 1.5" only  
Dimension+Packing (cbm)  
  • Planet Waves Headstock Tuner is nicely designed with generous transducer plate on the clip pedal, I can say it is one of the most sensitive pick up built into a tuner which did very good job to sense the instrument's vibration. As the result, you will find this tuner as the most sensitive and able to provide you with high accuracy reading level
  • There are common problem tuning low quality guitar with low ratio head-machines or poor guitar tones, using this tuner will help you to catch the pitch easily. 
  • You can use this tuner to detect if the guitar' head machines doing good works or due for replacement for guitar repair but that is side advantage of the tuner's main feature
  • Probably the most handsome looking, small in size, easiest to read digital clip on tuner ever built in this very competitive market
  • Buy this tuner if you do not want to end up changing tuners in future. 
Planet Waves Tuner/Metronome/Chords Clip-On digital tuner , PW-CT-10, Planet Waves Headstock Tuner , Light Clip-on Tuner , Black
PW-CT-10, Planet Waves Headstock Tuner
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