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Martinez Guitars Intermediate Student Series Martinez Guitar 1/4 size 480mm High Gloss
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Martinez Guitar, Beginner Solid-top, 1/4 (one quarter) size beginner (for 4 - 6 years children guitar), mahogany back/side, spruce top, cow bone nut / saddle
MCG-40, 1/4 a quarter size, Beginner Solid-top Series with Solid Spruce top & mahogany back/side guitar
Nut - Saddle = 480 mm
Neck : comfort thin C shape for beginners
Set up of strings : low action for easy playing
Strings : Hannabach Kinder strings set
Building the smallest size of a quarter guitar is not an easy task, we decided only for solid spruce top which can bring out the beauty sound so the young child can hear & be motivated to cultivate in his/her early stage.
Get the right guitar size to start with at the early childhood, do not penalize children's talent because of wrong guitar size choice
Why Martinez Guitars ?
The new era of classic guitar producers were initiated when a talented China luthier, Mr. Alex Wang (the founder of Martinez brand) who learnt from the American luthier, Mr. Kenny Hill who trained & influenced many aspect of Martinez team for best practices based on the USA hand-made classic guitar making. The third influential person in this joint venture is a German luthier, Mr. Wolfgang who fill in the role as the tone woods sourcing for the best of Martinez guitar sound.
In summary, the tradition of hand-made best practices from USA, the internationally trained China skills to assemble guitars in a modern guitar factory out of China and the sourcing capability for best tone woods out of Germany are the example of a globally integrated classic guitar brand, that is the Martinez Guitars ! This is another proof that the buzz word of “globally integrated company” were no longer dominated by the high-tech industry, it is happening in the classic guitar industry. The result is a new era classic guitar which inherited the “the hand-made guitar making” quality out of the modern guitars factory facility at the affordable price points. The consumers who buy these guitars will benefit the outcome of ‘globally integrated company’ concept.

The feels & looks of Martinez Guitars
Many modern guitar factories benefits the precision mock-up & production using CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology for it’s modern manufacturing. Beside of CAD/CAM affordability, the other key benefits are minimizing waste of wood materials due to human errors & increase productivity for consistent basic guitar parts manufacturing output. The CAD is the technology that easily help the Designer to digitally trace the curve X-Y-Z coordinates of thousand of scanning points over a guitar shape head to toe. A modern CAD software with a modern ultra fast & affordable CPU capable to scan every piece of guitar’s anatomy into a database. The CAM is the next downstream manufacturing process which translate those digital X-Y-Z coding into “executable PLC” (Programmable Logic Controller) which capture those coding and translate it into executable Logic which then be feeded into a wood crafting machinery. The wood machinery will then reshape identical “specific guitar neck shape” that resembles the original hand-made guitar which we are talking about. Do you got the point at this juncture ? in this modern era, not necessarily every single part of guitars must be hand sawn.
The Martinez guitar have C curve thin size neck, it is more friendly shape to students or petite adults players which I think (my own opinion based on comparing with many other USA makers) close to what Mr. Kenny Hill’s guitar neck style which his guitars are typically effortless to play.
Bright, sweet & precise trebles as the result of appropriately placed & shaped soundboard’s bracing and sourcing with the right tone woods material.

Product consistency & effortless to play

The nicely curved neck shape is one of key determining factor so the player feel comfortable when handling the neck fret-board. Equally important is the final set-up of the guitar so the overall left & right fingers feel more at home laying down their fingers either for practice or performing. When we hand-over these guitars to you, we play more roles to perform check & adjust the final set-up for everyone of you.

The overall sound balance & intonation across different strings & frets position

A technically all correct guitars as describe above still lack of an important aspect if the guitar lack of sound balance & intonation. An un-balanced guitars (either way of overly trebly or overwhelmingly bass or suppressing mid-tones ) can create negative emotional pressure to a season players as it is hard to express the output with the right music. In general, the Martinez inherited a balance tones across 6 strings from the student series up to the top all solid wood signature series. This is a subjective statement, off course we compare this student series with other similar student level at the same price points. The balance tone subject is somehow more related with the price or value / performance. Please note this is a broad statement and very subjective topics.
Model no 1/4 a quarter size guitar for 4 - 6 years old children 
Series Beginner Solid-top Series 40 
Color variant Natural Gloss 
Top Solid Spruce top 
Back/side Mahogany back/side 
Cutaway/Full body  Full
Finish HG (High Gloss)
Brand n/a 
Features n/a
Output Jack n/a
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
Fretboard, 19 frets 
Tap Plate/Golpador None
Head machines Chrome 
Body binding Black 
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 1.2 kg,  13 x  32 x  3.0 inches exclude case

The children shall not be penalized with the un matched sizing between their fingers size and the guitar as music instruments. Similar to violin, the guitar proficiency highly depending on the left & right finger's movements, synchronization, the flexibility & accuracy of finger pressing down the fretboard which highly determine by how comfortable the finger's size handling the frets distances, the neck width & the neck shapes. Forcing the wrong guitar size to the young child in his/her early learning curve can negatively affect his / her future progression.
If your child age is within 4 - 6 years old, the general guidance to take this 1/4 a quarter size model is the right choice. We try to price it attractively to allow you keep upgrading the guitar size as according to your child's growth level.

We are fully supportive to the guitar methods who acknowledge the needs to understand the multiple sizes aspect in guitar anatomy vs human anatomy. Lets start right in the first stage in your early learning curve cycle ..
Martinez Guitars Intermediate Student Series , Martinez Guitar 1/4 size 480mm , High Gloss , Natural
Martinez Guitar 1/4 size 480mm
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