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Luthier Guitar Elite All Solid Woods Series W810CE Luthier Acoustic Guitar CutawayGlossy
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Luthier Acoustic Guitar, the Elite All Solid Woods, model W810CE
Top of the line all solid woods, Engelmann Spruce top, Indian Rosewood, cut-away body with Active B-BAND 3.2 Acive Pre Amp & patented under-saddle "electret" transducer for pure re-creation of our unique acoustic guitar tones. We encourage you to bring your acoustic amp & test it yourself, please call 67330400 for making an appointment to do so.
The Year 2013 is the 11th Anniversary of Luthier Acoustic Guitars series. We proudly present the latest version of Elite Series, model : W810CE acoustic electric guitar at this discounted price, ONLY BY THIS MONTH !,  include a hard-case.
Key Features : 
  • Solid Englemann Spruce top
  • Solid Indian Rosewood back/side
  • B-BAND 3.2 active preamp
  • Ebony Fretboard
  • Mahogany Neck
  • CutAway body
  • Finish : Gloss
  • Heringbone top binding
  • Mahogany side bindings
  • Abalone Rosette & back-lining
  • Mahogany Neck Binding
  • Rosewood laminate on head stock
  • Mother White Pearl Head inlay
  • Fret-marks : Diamond White inlays, Rose Inlay at 12th Fret
  • Pick Guard : Tortoise
  • Nut & Saddle : Cow Bone
  • Strap Pins at Neck Hill & Bottom
  • Head Machine : Grover Chrome vintage small buttons style
Why Luthier Acoustic Elite Series W810CE ?
Our guitar have unique & distinctive sound, you will find the higher trebles that deeply resonating with the top sound board. The higher pitches that are clear, sweet, loud and enough head-room to express your solo melody fingerstyle.
The mid-range tones are hot & outstanding sound despite of the dreadnought body, it doesn't stop this model to articulate clearly your mid tones riffs, a dreadnought guitar that does everything under one roof in a short summary to describe this model.
The low frequency bass are not boomy but enough in depth, punchy sound that resembles a balance guitar in overall tones.
On this model we carefully select the solid tone woods and apply the scalloped X-bracings style to ensure the standard. While pure good acoustic sound is a minimal requirement on this model and equally important is the high fidelity of our active pre-amp to ensure pure original acoustic sound. We chosed to use B Band 3.2 active pick up.
We carefully did the guitar set-up to ensure you can play effortlessly on this guitar. We selected Cleartone Phosphor Bronze with EMP micro coating (patented) Light gauge (012 - 053) as the strings standard. If you need tighter low end then choosing Bluegrass gauge (light top heavy bottom) is also possible.
Why B-Band A 3.2 is chosen one for our unique guitar ?
B-Band Ltd, a Finland based guitar pre-amp manufacturer have patented a break-through "microscopic lens-like gas bubbles" (TM) inside the permanently charged film which is the foundation technology of "Electret Transducer" (TM) exclusive to B-Band. In contrast, the traditional Piezzo Electric transducers which have been widely used since WW II is a conventional technology which often impart a sound of their-own, often described as 'quacky' or 'plastic' sound which likes putting distortion to the original guitar tones itself. We don't want our beatifully hand crafted guitar's unique tones being compromised with cheap & outdated piezzo electric pick up, so we chosed B-Band and we are very happy with it's high fidelity performance so far.
Aesthically, the B-Band A 3.2 Pre-Amp foot-print is smaller compare to other brand with the same performance, so there is no need to cut a wider hole at the guitar upper side which is another good reason.
We believe this guitar maybe one of your best choice either for leisure, studio recording or on-stage performance. One acoustic guitar that delivers both Dreadnought & OM tones in one reasonable price for all solid rosewood guitar. Please call for test drive & let us hear your feedback.
Luthier Guitar Centre is the brand owner of the Luthier Acoustic Guitars and distributor of Cleartone Acoustic Strings. We are searching dealers / distributor in your home country.
Model no W810CE 
Color variant NATURAL 
Cutaway/Full body CUTAWAY
Finish HG (High Gloss)
Brand B-BAND 3.2 
Notch Filter
Under saddle Piezzo Electric PU

9v Battery Compartment
Output Jack 1/4 " jack
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
EBONY,  Diamonds Fretmarks Inlays, Rose inlay on 12th Fret 
Head machines Grover, Chrome, vintage small button style 
Body binding Mahogany bindings at sides, Herringbone top binding 
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 2.3 Kg guitar only 
  • " We are surprise & one of happy customer of Luthier Acoustic Guitars, we noticed W810CE has it's signature tones, one of a kind, all round guitar, will get seasoned easily as they are all solid woods, at reasonable price tag " ....  a local Singapore client
  • " I have both GA & OM shape guitars but as a guitar instructor who highly mobile, it is impossible to carry 2 guitars at any time I teach around 10 students in one day. The Luthier 810CE provides me with best of both strumming & fingerstyle melody picking for solo, I am covered with just one guitar, peace on my mind & allow me to focus on my teaching job " ... a guitar instructor
Luthier Guitar Elite All Solid Woods Series , W810CE Luthier Acoustic Guitar , CutawayGlossy , Natural
W810CE Luthier Acoustic Guitar
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