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Luthier Classical Guitars Luthier Ensemble Guitar Series Luthier Bass 1A for ensemble Bass Cd
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Luthier Bass 1A 
is the all-solid-woods top model of the Orchestra Series classic bass guitar.. The body measurement follow the Niibori™ Bass 's size, nut to saddle = 700mm, best quality grains of solid Red Cedar top, best quality of solid Indian Rosewood back/side, gold head machines. The model 1A have refine inner bracing workmanship, the high-grade of all solid woods combine with time tested Torres fan bracing sound-board will only get better sound in the long run, offering you with broad spectrum frequency, richer harmonics, crisp & clear trebles while deeper and more powerful mid & bass tones.

Construction & woods material selection of Bass 1A

This is the popular topics we always discuss & update our clienteles. The Bass model 1A have the vertical side-bracing reinforcement bars attached on the solid rosewood sides, this will improve the inner cavity stiffness while ensuring the solid cedar top’s resonate more with every single the tone pitches. The 7 tone bars (or bracing) have the quarter sawn scallop bracings, aerodynamically shaped to channel acoustic wave energy at maximal resonance. And the old-school of Torres fan bracing style will ensure the guitar (top) resonate well with the designated pitches of every frequency, as such there is no dead tone across 19 frets. The symmetrical Torres fan bracings together with high quality of all solid woods materials allow overall balance tones, from the mid & bass capable to produce more powerful low frequency and trebles with rich of harmonics. The scale = 700 mm physically is the same with Niibori bass ™ guitars but the unique 7 fins tone bracings shapes & angles which are perfectly designed to resonate for low B pitch on 1st string or 7 semi-notes lower than ordinary prime guitar’s tuning are the value you will find on Bass 1A. As such, the scalloped shaped bracings, their angle positions & length are adapted to response those special low frequency pitches for your guitar ensemble.
We always use carefully shaped cow bones nut and saddle on this one and for the rest of all models.
Hannabach Bass Strings made-in Germany
We suggest the Hannabach BASS strings set made-in Germany for this guitar. The Hannabach' founder, Mr. Werner Hannabach knew excatly what it takes to make the correct strings to response lower bass pitches, so after much of research, he came up with those special diameter & materials to ensure bass guitarist will fine correct tension and produce lively, sustain & powerful bass low frequency tones for your guitars ensemble.
Overall assessment, we position the Bass model 1A as the suitable one for performing instruments and easily blend into your other instruments
Model no BASS 1A, all solid woods
Series Luthier Classic Orchestra Series, Niibori (tm) bass size 
Color variant Natural Gloss 
Top Solid Cedar 
Back/side Solid Indian Rosewood 
Cutaway/Full body Full body 
Finish HG (High Gloss)
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
 Ebony fretboard, 19 frets
Tap Plate/Golpador None
Head machines Gold Head Machines with ornaments 
Body binding Rosewood bindings, double yellow linings at side and back, double black linings at top 
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 5 Kg with hard-case 
  • One of a kind the all-solid-woods of a classic Bass guitar with time tested Torres fan bracing style. The inner construction 7 fan bracing bars are distinctively add the rich of harmonics, vibrant character, deep & powerful bass on this guitar
  • The symmetrical fan bracing of the old school Torres models applied in Bass classical guitar size.
  • Overall balance sound output & deep powerful low frequency output
Luthier Classical Guitars Luthier Ensemble Guitar Series , Luthier Bass 1A for ensemble , Bass Cd , Natural
Luthier Bass 1A for ensemble
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