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Washburn Electric Guitars, Sgp RX Series (double cutaway asymetrical) RX-10PAK, Washburn Electric Guitar Package RX-10MC PAK
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RX-10PAK, Washburn Electric Guitar RX-10 Package, is the successor of the obsoleted Washburn X-10 PAK, now the NEW RX-10pak available in 2 colors choice, RX-10BK (Black) or RX-10MC (Metallic Candy Red). The Washburn guitar package come with the following 10 items.
  • Electric Guitar model : RX-10 either B or MC color, you must select the correct "Color-Code" pull down menu
  • Washburn Guitar Amp, WA-15G, a 15W output, Overdrive Gain, Bass, Mid & Treble
  • Washburn Electric Guitar Bag
  • Washburn Bag's strap
  • Washburn Guitar Strap
  • Digital Clip On Tuner, Profile JT11
  • DVD Instruction Starter kit for Guitar Player Tutorial by eMedia USA
  • 3 Meter Guitar Cable
  • 3 pcs of Washburn Picks
  • L Truss Rod key and L Bridge key belong to the guitar

This All in One package in a Box is your ideal choice if you are beginners who do not wish to face hazzle of choosing individual items to quickly start with your first electric guitar practices. The package offering is so comprehensive until you can immediately focus and start with your journey of playing guitar. Let the experience Washburn engineers to bundle it for you !

Value for money choice, you have 10 items in one box as essential start up kit for electric guitarist beginners. There is DVD tutorial by eMedia USA which will be your first lesson at home at your leisure time. The following are Itemized summary.
(1) Washburn Electric Guitar Model : RX-10, Washburn RX Series (new) was issued in 2010, after taking over decades of Washburn's veryown R&D experience to finally came-up with cutting-edge design which simply said : the awesome one ! the RX-10PAK is available in 2 colors of your choice, the B (Black) and MC (Metallic Candy Red). Please select from pull down menu (color-codes) the correct color when you select your order into your shopping cart. The RX-10 model is worth of SGD 275 as you can buy it individually without package box. Please check today's price on RX Models.

Traditional meets contemporary - the new Washburn RX series will inspire you to take your playing to the next level. With their traditional double cutaway design (similar to but not exactly the same with Nuno double cut-away model and equally have generous low cutting), contemporary asymmetrical lower bouts (unlike the obsoleted X-10 symmetrical body shape) makes it appear outstanding, new wiring and electronic components & light to medium weight which is my favourite guitar. All models have the maple necks with rosewood fingerboards, cutting edge modern Head Stock (split level curvy design is gorgeous & fresh looking). The model RX-10 has traditional tremolo Fulcrum bridge (like the Fender StratsTM bridge). The new Washburn RX-10 guitars deliver all you need to play for wide genre of music and explore new levels of tones together with it's Amp package.
Similar to it's sister Randall 15W guitar amp model RX-15M, the WA-15G have the following features that share the tone of Randall 15W Practice amps. Unlike the predecessor obsoleted X-10 PAK's 15W amp which had Chrome Front Grill, the new WA-15G amp comes with new Black Front Grill & enhance tones. The WA-15G amp is not sold individually by Washburn but the same Randall manufacturer has equivalent Randall RX-15M with the similar features, please check the Randall amp RX-15 models & price, it worth around $200 if purchase seperately.
  • GAIN : Turn it higher to add distortion overdrive effects, high crunching sustain tones
  • VOLUME : The Master Volume
  • LOW  : Turn higher to add lower frequency tones / bass
  • MIDDLE : To reshape the level of Mid-Range frequency
  • HIGH : To add / substract the Treble or High Frequency
  • PHONE : A 1/4" Jack Output to any Head Phone
  • POWER : On/Off switch
Overall Output Power : 15W.  Power Input : 19W, 220V, Singapore standard Plug
Unique feature : WA-15G Back Enclosure is flipable, enabling the users to flip it out and use the angle like the upside down V shape rear leg. A very creative design by Washburn team which allow you to see the Amp's front panel easily when it stands at slanted / rest position. For beginners, this cheap / affordable first amplifier ergonomically a correct one for practising guitar for hours.
(3) INSTRUCTION DVD (Teach Your Self how to play guitar Tutorial)
Rather than shopping around on the next shopping time, this all in one package came with a usefull & time tested DVD instructional guide by eMedia USA, to ensure a beginners will not lose direction once they purchased RX-10PAK. It covers basic guitar tutorial for Electric & Bass guitars. Your productivity and Return On Investment of your money spent on this package is higher, no time wasted but straight on practice. In the Guitar Tutorial's DVD instruction market, a typical Hal Leonard or Mel Bay Publishers priced the similar DVD cost between $15 - $20 each.
a small digital clip-on with bright light display for easy reading is preset to help a completely new beginner able to quickly tune their new guitar wiht the right pitch for all 6 strings. The clip-on works based on vibration sensor when it is clipped on the guitar head, enabling for very accurate & sensitive reading on the string's frequency. So, pluck a string in one time sequently, see from  the reading display and aim to hit centre of the E - B - G - D - A - E one by one correctly. You start to rock !  The tuner is similar to JOYO JT-11 which Luthier Guitar sells it individually at $19 each. This tuner is worth of SGD 19 as part of your package !
a standard 3 meter guitar cable with 1/4 inch jacks at both end sides is the international standard to connect the RX-10 electric guitar to the WA-15G Input Jack. The similar guitar cable, Luthier Guitar sells it individually at $10 each, so it is worth $10 too.
In many cases we attended a new beginners, they have no clue at all which pick & what gauge to buy their first pick. Washburn team decided to start with 0.81 or MEDIUM GAUGE PICKS. You got 3 pcs of nicely printed WASHBURN logo either on pearl celluloid or a polycarbonate standard picks. These are consider collectible items as Washburn never sells the "Washburn" logo picks. We can not name to price ... so it is priceless .....
Inclusive of the package, you will get a "Washburn" printed brand on the guitar nylon bag. There is one ample front pocket with zip for you to put spare strings or A4 music sheet documents. The similar guitar bag is worth for $30 each
One bag's strap, detachable with plastic locks available for you to sling the bag on your back
Again with "Washburn" brand logo printed on the strap end will make it looks awesome. The strap is worth for $10.
You will receive 2 sizes of L - keys which the bigger one for Truss Rod adjustment and the smaller one for RX-10 fulcrum bridge action adjustment key. Do NOT lose it, as in the future you may need it and every guitars may have their very own L key measurement. Luthier Guitar team will be happy to assist you should you need our local help on twisting the Truss Rod to resent the Neck adjustment or to get the desired low action of your strings. Bring it back to us, we are happy to help you.
Those are the 10 items in a Washburn Guitar Packages box, with the price quoted, there is nothing else to say but it is really VALUE FOR MONEY deal ! Please check it in your shopping cart, order now & we will deliver in Singapore for FREE of charge. There are shipping charges for destination outside Singapore.
Luthier Guitar Centre is the Washburn Guitars distributor in Singapore, we will give you local support for the products you purchased from us.
Please see the websites of Washburn RX-10, they have the same specification
Model no WA-15G 
Series Washburn Electric Guitar practice amplifier
Preamp Channel Gain for Overdrive channel
EQ Controls High, Middle & Low : 3-band-EQ
Power Amp type Solid-State Practice Amp
Output Power 15 Watt
Power Section Power Consumption : 19W, 220 V, Singapore Power Plug standard
Speaker diameter (inch) 6.5" OEM Speaker 
Footswitch n/a 
Headphone Jack Yes, at Front Panel 
Other Features The amp's rear side can be folded-out, allows 30 degree tilt standing position. This unique feature creates more comfort position for the students during practising time 
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 4.5 Kg 
Est. Dimension (inches)  
Dimension+Packing (cbm)  
  • With the essential 10 items in one package at this offer price, you can jump start your practice session without hesitance to choose your fist guitar configuration, as beginners you will leave it to Washburn team to bundle it for you. Thus, value for money & safe choice.
  • Luthier Guitar team is very resourceful, experience to offer local support & services and have wide range of Washburn guitars & Randall amplifiers. Tell them what your needs & your investment horizon / budget, they can help you to find which guitar package ? or what other possible configuration of guitar, amp, strap, case/bag, tuner that suit the best of your plan.
  • Beyond this basic Washburn guitar package, Luthier Guitar team can mix & match other higher quality models, do apprach them. & ask for  a special bundle price when you plan to buy the whole new set all together.
  • The RX-10PAK, WIN-14BPAK, T-12BPAK are basic & adequate spec for beginners who buy their first guitar
Washburn Electric Guitars, Sgp RX Series (double cutaway asymetrical) , RX-10PAK, Washburn Electric Guitar Package , RX-10MC PAK , MetalicRed
RX-10PAK, Washburn Electric Guitar Package
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