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Randall Guitar Amplifiers Kirk Hammett Series KH-120 RHS Kirk Hammet Amp Signature series KH-120RHS package
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Kirk Hammett Signature Series Full Stack Randall amplifier
The Lead Guitarist of Metallica (Kirk Hammett) has meticulous detail requirement when he defines his lead guitar' sound requirements for his concert performance. In this case, Kirk work very closely with Randall R&D to recreate his signature stack amp at the affordable price. As the result, KH-120 MODEL is our best model picked for any profesional guitarist / musician / band owner / club or jamming studio owners who want the top signature series sound of Kirk Hammet Amp Head with the best 4 x 12" Celestion speakers inside full size 412 cabinet, all at affordable price tag.
Kirk Hammett (KH) stack amp package that includes the signature tones of KH120RH head and KH412 cabinet. Head includes 120 watts w/2 channels. Overdrive channel w/dual gains, voicing switch and contour control. Clean channel w/boost option. Spring reverb. Foortswitch included. The total power 200W output of the KH412 speaker cabinet includes 4 x Celestion Rocket 50 speakers.
At present moment, Kirk maybe working with our newly joined sound engineer, Mike Fortin for designing the new all tube full stack amp under Kirk Hammet series for future releases.
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Model no KH-120 RHS
Series Kirk Hammett (half stack package consist of 1 KH120RH Head and KH412 4 speakers Cabinet)
Preamp Channel 120W Head with 2 Channels. The Clean channel with Boost Function. The Overdrive with dual gains, voicing switch and contour control. Spring Reverb. Footswitch included
EQ Controls Treble/Mid/Bass/Contour
Power Amp type Solid-State
Output Power 120 Watt Head & 200W Cabinet
Power Section 220V
Speaker diameter (inch) 4 X 12" Celestion Rocket 50
Footswitch Included 2 button switches channel and reverb on and off
Headphone Jack Yes
Other Features Spring reverb, dual high gain modes for Overdrive channel
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 52
Est. Dimension (inches) 15X40X25 
Dimension+Packing (cbm) 0.234 
  • Powerful 4 X 12" Celestion Rocket 50 speakers on the KH-412 Cabinet is really helpful in our gigs
  • The half stack head of KH120RH is awesome and have many usefull features
Randall Guitar Amplifiers Kirk Hammett Series , KH-120 RHS Kirk Hammet Amp Signature series , KH-120RHS package , KH-120RHS package
KH-120 RHS Kirk Hammet Amp Signature series
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