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Randall Guitar Amplifiers Nuno Bettencourt Series NBKing-112 30W-All-Tube-Combo
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Nuno Bettencourt NB-King112 THE signature 1x12" Combo Tubes amp. The Same preamp as NBKing 100 but with (4) EL84 powered 30W power section and Celestion 25W Greenback speaker. This is a truly 30W all - tubes combo with high quality Celestion Greenback speaker in one combo amp.
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NB-King112 is designed to response wide range of music genre, use the SOLO channel as option similar to Overdrive but provides an addition option for more or less Drive & Level (volume) in the Overdrive channel. Most players will use the Solo mode for a lead or volume boost to the normal Overdrive Channel, the Drive knob in Solo Channel can be set to lower level for more mid-gain classic rock and funck tones or set it for full on modern rock and heavy metal distortion desired tones. If you want a versatile wide range of all-tube-amp, buy the NB-King112, the clean channel is really clean and the overdrive gives you low head room, there is no need to turn over high volume to crank-up the amp
Midi Channel Switching & Storing
Included 3 buttons MIDI footswitch. On the front panel you can press and hold the channel select button for 2 seconds will strore the settings. To store a present or reprogram the footswitch simply press button 1 on the foot switch then if needed select the clean (ch1) using the Channel select button. Press an dhold the channel select button for 2 seconds and button 1 on the footswithch is now programmed to select the Clean (Ch1) on the amplifier. Repeating the same process above to program button 2 on the footswitch to the Overdive (Ch2) and button 3 on the footswitch to Solo (Ch3). Nowe you can rock as much as your desire music.
There is MIDI Channel option no: 1 to 16 which can be selected via an internal four position DIP switch. You can refer to the NB-King112 booklet for MIDI implementation instruction further
Like other all tube amp, NB-King112 are equiped with Send and Return effect loop, 1/4" jacks.
Nuno Bettencourt (EXTREEME)' Bio:

Nuno Bettencourt, born in Portugal and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, grew up in a very musical family. In his teenage years he began playing drums, bass and keyboards, but ultimately settled on guitar as his primary instrument. Since then he has become one of the world’s greatest guitarists, who draws from an eclectic variety of styles and influences and is a tremendously technical and adept player, with an acute sense of rhythm. Most famous for his role in Boston-area group Extreme, in which Bettencourt recorded five CDs and delivered the hits “More Than Words” and “Hole Hearted”, he has also released a solo CD, formed the groups Mourning Widows and Population 1 (which eventually became DramaGods), and was featured in Satellite Party (formed by Perry Farrell). Although they had disbanded in 1995, in 2007, Extreme reunited and headlined the Washburn’s 125th Anniversary Party at Winter NAMM 2008. Extreme released their latest CD, Saudades de Rock later that year and are currently on a worldwide tour to support the release.

Randall Distributor in Singapore

Luthier Guitar Centre is Randall Amplifiers and Washburn Guitars' distributor in Singapore, we proudly launch this state of the art, the all Tubes NB Series Randall Signature Series by Nuno Bettencort. The NBKing112 all tubes combo amp is carefully co-designed at the high specification of Nuno Bettencort (Extreeme guitarist). This models beside of it’s superb performance but it has the cutting edge modern Tubes Amps too which have been widely endorsed by many lead guitarist around the world from classic Rock to modern Heavy Rock band guitarist. Please check these models & test drive it at your convenient at both outlets Orchard Plaza #03-11 (Sommerset MRT - 313 - Orchard Central - Orchard Plaza) and Bt. Timah Plaza #02-07 (opposite Ngee Ann Polytechnic campus). We recommend Washburn WIN-DLXUSDFBB (LesPaul body single cut body with Seymour Duncan USA pickup) or Washburn XM-PROFRFBB (sleek shreak double cut body with FloydRose bridge) or Washburn N4 original Nuno-Bettencort guitar with FloydRose tremolo to pair with these awesome NB-King112 all tubes amp. Please check this amp features and match with your electric guitar.

The Randall modern NB-King112 combo tubes amp is one of our flag-ship brand example of the 'RANDALL DOMINATION' campaign 2011.
Model no NBKing-112
Series Nuno Bettencourt All-Tubes Combo signature series
Preamp Channel 2 Channels Overdrive with boost/gains, 1 Clean
EQ Controls Treble/Mid/Bass/Density/Presence/Bright switch
Power Amp type All Tubes (4 X EL-84)
Output Power 30 Watt
Power Section 4 x EL84
Speaker diameter (inch) 12" of Celestion Greenpapaer back
Footswitch Included 3 button MIDI
Headphone Jack Yes 
Other Features Serial Effect loop, MIDI In/Thru & VU output meter reading
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 33Kg (with packing) or 29Kg amp. only
Est. Dimension (inches) 26.25" x 20.50" x11.25"  inches (amp. without packing)
Dimension+Packing (cbm) 30.25" x  24.50" x  15.25" with carton packing
  • Authentic Nuno Bettencort boutique tube amps available for home usage
Randall Guitar Amplifiers Nuno Bettencourt Series , NBKing-112 , 30W-All-Tube-Combo , NB-Cloth
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