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Randall Guitar Amplifiers MTS Series, All Tubes Amp RM-50B Randall Black MTS 50W Combo
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RM-50BM Take tube amp sound versatility to the next level

The most flexible all tube-series of amps, preamps, and combos ever created. The swappable MTS modular preamp components allow you to customize your set-up for a sound that’s all yours. If you haven’t experienced the MTS system, you haven’t heard what your instrument can really do. 
The smaller and ultra portable RM50 combos provide the flexibility to have any combination of vintage to modern tube tones by simply plugging in your choice of MTS preamp modules.The JJ6L6 (2) tubes powered RM50 with Accutronics Spring reverb is perfect for the active weekend musician needing a portable combo with enough power & more tonal flexibility than any other 1 x 12 combo on the market. The speaker is 12" Celestion G12T-75 (1). 

”The MTS System is the best line of products that I’ve found for building a unique and custom sound. The MTS Rack system has been a Godsend for my studio.“
—Michael Wagner, Producer 
Great as a club workhorse or ultra flexible studio tool, the smaller RM50 heads can produce any tone you need, with plenty power for any gig. The single channel comes unloaded from the factory, where the two channel RM50HB2 comes factory loaded with Blackface & Plexi tube preamp modules, or unloaded as the RM50HB. The RM50B has empty 2 slots to give you freedom to choose the pre-amps combination from us. Please check on Randall Accessories section to see our MTS pre-amps modules collection. If you order this model RM50B, make sure you will place another order of the 2 pre-amp modules at your very own choice. The choice is yours.
Model no RM-50B
Series MTS Series
Preamp Channel 2 empty slots for 2 pre-amp modules of your-own choice. Please check on Randall Accessories section to know our MTS pre-amp modules stock.
EQ Controls Treble/Mid/Bass/Density/Presence switch
Power Amp type All Tubes, 2 x JJL6L
Output Power 50 Watt
Power Section 220V
Speaker diameter (inch) 12", Celestion G12T-75
Footswitch Yes, 1-CH 
Headphone Jack Yes
Other Features Large accutronics spring reverb + series loop
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg) 30 
Est. Dimension (inches)  
Dimension+Packing (cbm)  
"Nailing all the killer tones you need from a single amp might have just become a lot easier. Tim Slater investigates.."-Guitar Buyer Magazine Sept 2009
"Sturdy is definitely the watchword
here. This is a versatile guitar speaker whose ability to cope with a wide range of sounds and gain levels makes it the ideal choice for this amp."- Guitar Buyer Magazine
"From the moment we slot in a couple of modules and get stuck in, it's clear that we're dealing with a very classy amplifier indeed" - Guitar Buyer Magazine
Rated 4.5/5 by Guitar Buyer Magazine
due to innovative concept, big satisfying tone, modules offer incredible variety. Ideal for pro session player and anyone seeking extra flexibility
Randall Guitar Amplifiers MTS Series, All Tubes Amp , RM-50B Randall , Black MTS 50W Combo , Black MTS 50W Combo
RM-50B Randall
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