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Larrivee USA Guitars Larrivee 45th Anniversary LV-10E Special Edition 2012 LV10E45thGR 45th Grevillea Robusta Silver-Oak-wood ANTHEM Gloss
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Larrivee LV-10E 45th Anniversary. Jean Larrivee's hand-made special edition guitar. It is an awesome guitar, one of a kind high end guitar.
If you want to order the re-issue of this model, please contact us at
We can tailor your order with more choice of exotic woods like the Brazilian / Madagascar / Ziricote / Cocobolo / Quilted Maple back / side woods. With Sitka or Italian Spruce top for specific sound, with or without cutaway, with or without EQ / pick-guard, you can upgrade / delete it's inlays or top-up for better head inlays, etc ... to fit it into your budget & unique needs.
Let us hear your customize request / configuration.
GR= Grevillea (genus name) Robusta (species name) a native of Queenslands Australia's silky oak or silver oak woods as it's daily attribute
This is a special edition of LV-10E guitar, an Australia Silver Oak wood (Grevillea Robusta), available upon request other exotic woods as mentioned above. One of a good choice from other Larrivee's models .
  • One of a kind solid Silver Wood which Jean Larrivee himself harvested from Australia
  • Superb Solid Sitka spruce top
  • Special abalone/white pearl "TORCH" inlay at head-stock, special abalone 45th fretmarks & bridge-wings' inlays designed by Wendy Larrivee
  • Follow the high standard of LV-10E architecture with enhance reserved solid sitka spruce
  • Special Honduras Mahogany Neck & Ebony Fretboard with superb final finish
  • Ebony string end-pins with abalone dots
  • C&C precision cutting for bone nut & saddle

Please let us know your unique requirement & we will give you our best price quote.

To place an order for a similar re-issue guitar, please sent your request/questions to :

Luthier Guitar Centre is official distributor of Larrivee Guitars in Singapore. We encourage you to buy any brand new guitars from your authorize local distributor to have a proper & legitimate support. We want to serve you & can ensure your long-term interest on your guitar. We can trace back the Larrivee guitar's serial number & the original source of purchase. The same principle applied in other industry like automotive, health-care, computer, etc.
Luthier Guitar & Larrivee factory is working to identify the guitar's S/N with void warranty status due to cross bordering trades. We have identified S/N : 116712 was booked under USA dealer name in March 2012 and the factory thought it is for a USA customer, but then it was imported in Singapore (hot & humid climate) for commercial sale (profit) since June 2012, thus this guitar is about 1 year old un-sold by now & it is considered as a 2nd hand with void warranty status from Larrivee USA. We will not be responsible for the S/N : 116712 if in the future it may suffer problems due to Singapore' climate or wrong handling since the beginning of it's arrival here.
If you are genuine Larrivee users (USA expats living in Singapore, ex students from USA who live here  now) who are our friends and bought Larrivee guitars from USA and brought the guitars with you here, we encourage you to contact us should you need helps related to your Larrivee guitars. You are welcome to join our Facebook & be proud with your Larrivee guitars for your personal use. All the genuine Larrivee users will not easily sell his guitar for profit, mostly they want to keep it forever or will sell it only for upgrade reasons after years of usage. Those users naturally will stay in contact with us regarding their Larrivee guitars and asking our help should you face any problems with your lovely guitar here. A friendly contact with us will naturally happening as the authorize Larrivee distributor when you do not have profit taking agenda out of your guitars here.
In contrast, a parallel importer (normally individual) who paralel importing guitars with profit taking agenda are normally counting his days to immediately sell-off his guitar for profit before it gets too old (this is 2012 model) on his hands & the new release of Larrivee' 2013 models will make "his investment become obsoleted" hence dimishing it's potential $ profit. This individual normally work in secretive mode & chose to distant himself from us simply because they knew they work against our interest. It is not worth to be a parallel importer in a tiny Singapore country and it is not a viable & sustainable business model. Be our friends & join our Facebook & be as one of the proud Larrivee owners club here and that is more fun & essential !
Beware of Paralel importers who want to earn quick money with hit & run business model and never think of protecting his buyer's long-term interest on this special & expensive guitar. Please consult with Luthier Guitar if you are unsure about disadvantages buying guitars from individual paralel importer. Before commit to pay for an expensive 2nd hand guitar from unknown individual, please ask it's S/N and you can cross check the number with us, make sure if it is not one of the black listed S/N. It is not worth to take risk & buy excellent guitars from paralel importers, that guitar maybe booked under USA guitar shop name hence it was built for the dry & cold climate of USA
Model no LV10E 45th GR Anniversary  
Series Standard option is the Aussie Silver Oak woods (other exotic woods are available upon your request). The top : from Larrivee' reserved sitka spruce (another better option is Italian Spruce). Head inlay : Torch abalone/pearl inlay designed by Wendy Larrivee for 45th anniversary (we have other options like ANNA, GODESS, ANGEL, or simply without any Inlays, etc.. )
Color variant Gloss, Natural 
Top reserve solid sitka spruce 
Back/side reserve graviela robusta 
Cutaway/Full body no cut body, cutaway style 
Finish HG (High Gloss), super shiny, perfectly gloss
Brand L.R. BAGGS ANTHEM no cut body  (optional : without EQ, full body are possible for cheaper price)

Notch Filter
Under saddle Piezzo Electric PU

Output Jack 1/4
F-board wood
No of frets
Position marks
EBONY, 45th Anniv abalone inlays fret marks & 45th Anniv abalone inlays bridge wings (Optional : vine inlays or no inlays for cheaper alternative)
specially beveled Tortoise  (or No pick-guard for cheaper option)
Head machines Larrivee head machine with gold JLC engrave,  18:1 ratio
Body binding Rosewood 
Nut & Saddle Bone
Est. Weight incl packing (Kg)  
  • Louder & more harmonics than the standard LV10E
  • a Special Edition guitar with the label signed by Jean Larrivee and a certificate of authenticity signed by Jean himself
Larrivee USA Guitars Larrivee 45th Anniversary LV-10E Special Edition 2012 , LV10E45thGR 45th Grevillea Robusta Silver-Oak-wood ANTHEM , Gloss , Natural
LV10E45thGR 45th Grevillea Robusta Silver-Oak-wood ANTHEM
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